How to keep in touch with Mama when being appart?


Long distance family gifts will help you to stay in touch with your family members, no matter how far away you are from each other. You might want to buy such a gift for your mother before you move to another city or country to work or study. Also, such an item will come in handy when you leave your parent's house to live alone or with a partner.

You can buy a moma distanced gift for her birthday, Christmas or the day when you'll be saying goodbye to each other. Otherwise, you can send this thing to her when you're already far away. Such a present will make her day! She'll be proud to tell her friends about it and it will become one of your family relics.

Below, you'll find a selection of top-notch gifts for long distance mother. You can buy them at an affordable price and you can be sure that your mom likes them, regardless of her tastes and habits.

A relationship with Two Time Zones

This is an analog clock that you can place on the wall or on a table. It features two circles with numbers: one for your time zone and the other for your mom's. When she looks at this clock, she'll understand what time it's in your area. She'll realize whether it might be a bit too early or late to call you. Also, there might be a map on the clock with two red dots: one indicates your location and the other your mom's. Thanks to such a gift, you two will always stay in sync.

Custom Engraved Wood Cutting Board

If your mom cooks frequently, she'll think that's the best long distance gift. These are just a few ideas of what you can engrave on the board.

  • Your family's heirloom recipe
  • Your mother's portrait (the silhouette of her profile)
  • Words "Mom, I love you!" or something similar
  • A quote from her favorite book, movie or poem

You can engrave the text either vertically or horizontally. You can do it either on one or both sides of the board. When you come back home, your mom will cook delicious meals for you, using this board. Alternatively, she might want to keep it as a decor item for her kitchen and never let a knife touch it.

Letters to Open When…

Such a kit consists of a beautiful box or chest with multiple envelopes inside. In each envelope, you put a hand-written letter with your best wishes. On the envelope, you write the occasion when your mom should open this letter — for instance, when she wants someone to cheer her up or when she feels nostalgic.

A Lamp for Long Distance Relationship

A long distance lamp for mother is an ideal solution for people who are too busy to call their dearest and nearest every day. You buy a set of two lamps: one for yourself and the second one for your mom. Both items will be connected in a network using Wi-Fi. When you tap your lamp, it will light up — and your mom's will switch on as well! When your mom taps your lamp, yours will light up too. You won't need to turn off your lamps manually. In a while, they will automatically go back to black.

Using a remote control, you can adjust the brightness of your lamps. They can work in four modes: Smooth, Strobe, Flash and Fade. If you wish, you can buy more lamps for other members of your family and connect them all in a network. The palette of each lamp includes dozens of colors, so you can assign a certain color to a particular person. When your lamp lights up, you immediately get to know who is thinking of you and sending their best wishes to you!

A friends lamp is made of high-quality plywood and contains a LED element inside. They will easily fit an interior of any style, be it a bedroom, kitchen, living room or any other space. If you opt for a ready-made item, you'll be able to choose from a wide range of designs: geometric patterns, mandalas, plants, flowers, animals, the sun, the moon and the stars, musical notes… If you prefer a custom design, you can ask the manufacturer to engrave your mom's name, date of birth or any other meaningful information on the lamp with a laser cutter.

long distance relationship gift

How to make your Mom happy with touch lamp

Hopefully, this selection of long distance sync gifts inspired you! No matter where your mom is from, where she lives and what her lifestyle is, she'll be likely to appreciate any of these gifts. Touch lamps will be probably the most impressive option since they're interactive. Feel free to order a perfect gift for your mom right now to make her happy!

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