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Long Distance touch lamps

Long distance lamps will help you to stay in touch with your dearest people, no matter how far away you are from each other. The lamps are made of wood and contain a LED element. They require electricity (85V-265V range) and the 2,4GHz standard Wi-Fi. On this page, you can buy long distance lamps cheap and with worldwide delivery.

Tactus is producing unique and unforgettable gifts for your family friends or lover. Use the LED in sync lamps to connect with the one you care about.

What Kinds of Long Distance Touch Lamps Do We Have

In our catalog, you can choose from the following varieties of long distance lights:

We sell cheap touch lamps — but we guarantee their excellent quality. Our product range of color lamps is vast. Yet if you would like to customize the gift, we are ready to create items with a unique design for our clients. Just send us instructions or an example of how the item should look.

How Do Long Distance Touching Lamps Work

To light up lamp, you should tap it. Every other touch light lamp that is connected with yours will switch on too. Later on, you will not need to turn them off because they will do it automatically.

Lamps that change colors can work in four modes:

  • Smooth;
  • Strobe;
  • Flash;
  • Fade.

You can adjust their brightness with remote control. Their palette includes hundreds of shades.

This is the best way to remind your dearest and nearest that you think of them, even if you have no time to call or text them.

Long Distance Lamps Cheap Delivery

If you buy touch lamps that are ready to be shipped, you will get them in 1-2 weeks. We use regular mail and the exact delivery time will depend on your location. If you prefer a customized wifi touch lamp, be ready to wait a bit longer. To accelerate the process, feel free to send us a private message and discuss the opportunities for express delivery.


How to set up a long distance lamps?

These are Wi-Fi connected lamps. When you in sync it with the Internet and then with the paired one - touch it. The person on the other end will see the lamp glow. Isn't it a pure miracle?

We can provide a personalization of your lamp. Make it unique and exclusive for you. Put a secret meaning or memory in the design. We can fulfill any dream of yours.

How touch lamps delivery in Tactus Store works?

We can deliver LED lamps worldwide and, be sure, these are going to be connected and correctly working with a win from a set of lamps in any spot of the world. Just supply it with proper WiFi connection.

What are these touch lamps needed for?

These lamps are made to connect people who love each other all around the world. Of course you may call or a send a massage, but nothing compares to a touch or a caring one. once you touch the Wi-Fi lamp it pops on the other end and the person knows you are here.

What are these lamps made of?

Our lond distance lamps are made or pure wood and LED lamps. It is an in-sync lamp, working on electricity and set ups with Wi-Fi.

Recent Blog Posts
Best long distance gifts - touch lamps

Best long distance gifts - touch lamps

Are you looking for ideas for long distance gifts? Consider purchasing a Long Distance Touch lamp for your beloved ones. You can connect several lamps in a group thanks to Wi-Fi. When you touch your lamp, it will light up — and all the other items of the group will do so as well. It does not matter how large the distance between the lamps is! In a couple of hours, their color will fade back to black automatically. This will be the most elegant way to express your love and affection. You will not need to call or text your dearest ones to remind them that you think of them.

How Long Distance Lamps help Couples to Stay Connected

How Long Distance Lamps help Couples to Stay Connected

Love is the best thing that can happen to a person without a doubt. But some aspects of long-distance relationships can wear down anyone. If you are in a relationship with a person who lives far away from you for any reason, do not let the distance spoil your closeness. You might say that everything is simple in theory, but there is a practical solution in these circumstances too. Give your loved one a lamp for long-distance relationships to keep the romance without talking or seeing each other.

How to keep in touch with Mama when being appart?

How to keep in touch with Mama when being appart?

You can buy a moma distanced gift for her birthday, Christmas or the day when you'll be saying goodbye to each other. Otherwise, you can send this thing to her when you're already far away. Such a present will make her day! She'll be proud to tell her friends about it and it will become one of your family relics.

How do Touch Lamps Work?

How do Touch Lamps Work?

Long Distance Touch Lamps are a beautiful and emotional gift to people who live far away from each other but want to constantly stay in touch. You can purchase such a present for your best friend, partner or family member who you cannot meet in person every day. People who are not yet familiar with this technology might ask "How do Touch Lamps Work? ". In this article, we will answer this question and briefly describe the advantages of Long distance friendship touch lamps.

How to make a girl happy being far away?

How to make a girl happy being far away?

Long distance relationships have always been especially sweet to enjoy – and difficult to maintain. Modern technology has made it possible to express your feelings distantly by sending an email, an SMS or a voice message. As we know, however, non-verbal signs of affection are cherished more. They make lovely memories that can last a lifetime.

How Touch LED lamps can help you decorate your room?

How Touch LED lamps can help you decorate your room?

This article describes how you can use touch LED lamps for room decoration. It also helps to make the right choice.

What are the best long distance gifts?

What are the best long distance gifts?

We feel so frustrated and lonely when we're separated from our sweethearts, friends or family. Of course, we can call them, text them, chat with them in social networks and all sorts of mobile applications, and it does help to a certain extent. The problem is, we're often too busy to do it, or it's too expensive. Besides, many of us don't know how to use apps, or we can't type fast enough. And it doesn't actually bring us closer anyway.