About Us

We are Irene and Andy - young couple from Ukraine. Once we have decided to create something for people all over the world. Sometimes occasions separate loving people. Thanks to nowadays technologies, social medias and online video-calls can shorten the distance between them. But it is nothing compared to a real touch. We have created long distance lamps and named us Tactus store. Bear in mind, We deliver gifts worldwide.

How long distance lamp works?

Long distance lamps make the distanced touch real. When you are far away, but the other person touches the lamp, you definitely know he/she thinks about you - the lamp changes the color. 

What we make lamps from:

  • The base is wooden, whittled in different patterns.
  • The lighting element is a LED lamp, which can perform each color you can imagine.

You may contact us and make a design of the lamp on your own. DIY long distance lamps can express your emotions, feelings or bring back the memory of fun and loving time together.

Lamps connect to the Wi-Fi. You may connect it to a different amount of other lamps starting from two.