Long distance gifts for wedding

Long Distance Couple Lamp To Customize
Long Distance Couple Lamp with Multiple Hearts
Long Distance Cube Lamp with Geometric Rectangles


Long Distance Cube Lamp with Geometric Rectangles


Soon, here will be a description of this lamp..

Long Distance Cube Lamp with Mandala
Long Distance Lamp Angel and Hearts
Long Distance Lamp Cracked Wooden Frame
Long Distance Lamp Day and Night
Long Distance Lamp Mandala Circles
Long Distance Lamp Mandala for Yoga
Long Distance Lamp Steampunk Style
Long Distance Lamp Tree and Clouds
Long Distance Lamp Vacation
Long distance Lamp Window Shaped
Long Distance Lamp with Bamboo
Long Distance Lamp with Cactus
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We offer unique wedding gifts for long distance couples with worldwide delivery. You tap your touch lamp wedding — and your partner's lamps lights up too, no matter how long the distance between you!

How to Choose the Best Long Distance Wedding Gift

In our catalog, you can find long distance couple gifts for wedding with dozens of creative design patterns:

  • Geometric ornaments
  • Hearts
  • Kisses
  • Flowers and plants
  • Birds and animals
  • Musical notes
  • Couples in love
  • Words
  • And so on

Besides, you can order a long distance guest wedding gift with a custom design. It will be made of high-quality plywood. We will use a laser cutter to decorate its panels with any pattern you choose: yours and your partner's names, the day of your first date and so on.

Our wedding gifts for long distance relationships will make your beloved person incredibly happy!