Long-Distance Touch Lamps: Ideal Presents for Distant Relationships


There's something to help you stay in touch with your love, family, or friends every time you're separated from them. Tactus Store has designed long-distance lamps to let you feel positive emotions together, no matter how far apart you might be.

All you have to do to light up the lamps is turn on your Wi-Fi and plug them in. When you touch your lamp, your friend's one will emit light of your personal color, and vice versa. It's a very easy and sensual way to say hello to your distant beloved. Whenever you miss your friend, you just touch your lamps to know you're thinking of each other.

It's not only couples that can use them, though. You can also create a network of lamps, one for each member of a family or a group of friends. Each lamp can be customized to produce that person's particular hue.

Technical Characteristics of touch lamps

Power Range

Long-distance touch lamps operate via the internet. Therefore, you'll need a Wi-Fi connection and a power outlet to use them. More specifically, the lamps require an electricity range of 85 V - 265 V and the 2,4 GHz standard Wi-Fi.

Note: Tactus Store's color lamps are produced in Ukraine, and we are giving you the right adapter for your country.


Tactus Store differs from other producers of touch light lamps in that it uses ecologically friendly plywood for the bases. The sustainable materials ensure that you'll be able to use the lamps longer than would be the case with standard electronic devices. Plus, the store laser-carves the housing of the lamp to create a specific design of your choice.

Customization Features

Tactus Store produces 3D LED lamps that change colors of a broad range and multiple hues to suit different occasions and moods and to customize each unit in a network of lamps. You'll have a remote control to change the shades of colors and their brightness, and you can use them in one of the four light modes:

  • Strobe
  • Fade
  • Flash
  • Smooth

You may also specify what type of relationship you'd like to buy the lamps for:

  • Friendship
  • Family
  • Love

In addition, you may order long-distance lights of a specific design to suit a particular purpose:

  • Christmas
  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • St. Valentine's Day
  • Proposal
  • Anniversary

The ideal option is to order a customized design that will best express your tastes and unique personality. For instance, Tactus Store can carve the person's name and a text of your choice. You can even ask them to draw a picture, like kisses, hearts or anything else you like.

All you have to do is give them your specific instructions when you place an order online, and they'll create a unique lamp to reflect your personal tastes, suit the occasion and blend perfectly into the overall style of your room.

Payment and Delivery

Ordering the lamps online is safe since Tactus Store uses PayPal as a payment system that protects all your sensitive personal and financial data with a high-level SSL encryption technology.

The store provides worldwide delivery, and it may take anything from three to six weeks to receive a parcel, depending on your geographic location. Alternatively, you can apply for express delivery for an extra charge.

Should the impossible happen that you're not satisfied with your purchase, you'll have five days from the date you receive the parcel to inform the store about it and two weeks to send the item back. The store will gladly replace or refund your purchase for you.

Pros of Long-Distance Touch Lamps

Of all the gifts for long-distance relationships, touch lamps have become the most popular and commercially successful since they offer several definite advantages over other products in the category:

1. They're fairly quick and easy to use, and their compact sizes make them convenient to travel with.

2. The lamps are cheap, and it costs little to operate them.

3. It's the most sensual way for sweethearts to stay in touch with each other.

4. The customization options make the lamps quite versatile too.

5. Besides, when you don't need to use the lamps for long-distance connections, you can use them just for illumination.

Being far away from your love doesn't have to feel lonely anymore. Long-distance touch lamps will help you stay connected across the globe. And temporary separation will be a lot less stressful when you can just reach your lamp with your hand and share positive moments with your beloved.

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