How to know when a long distance relationship is over? 5 Most Accurate Signs


In this article, we'll tell you the exact signs that something is definitely wrong with a long-distance relationship and it's time to take action to change the situation for the better or to break up completely.

There are many signs that long-distance relationships are over, such as:

  • you don’t want to communicate; 
  • partner not getting in touch;
  • no trust;
  • no joint plans;
  • interested in other potential partners.

How to know when a long distance relationship is over? These signs show that it’s better to start other relationships.

1. You don't want to communicate

You have an agreement that every night, for example, at eight o'clock, you go on a video call. It's a tradition, it's convenient for everyone. But over time, it becomes an obligation. Soon it's time to turn on your laptop, your partner will call, but there's no desire to talk about anything.

One day you just text that you got held up at work. Then you cancel the session, citing a visit. You just start coming up with other logical and weighty explanations for why you can't get in touch today. If this happens often, if communication becomes burdensome and there is nothing much to talk about, it is a clear sign that the relationship is failing.

With a loved one, you always want to communicate, to be close, at least virtually. In those situations, you rush to the screen and worry that the Internet will not be lost at the most inopportune moment. If this is not the case, communication is just a habit created by tradition, taken literally as a "marital duty", you need to honestly admit this to yourself and discuss it with your partner.

2. Partner not getting in touch

Reverse situation. You are waiting for a call on messenger, you have agreed in advance, but your partner does not call. He writes out that he is busy or just not online at the moment. If this happens once and your loved one calls back as soon as the opportunity arises, there is, of course, nothing wrong with it, it happens. But if it happens regularly and more and more often, it's worth considering whether you're needed and whether it's worth continuing the relationship.

Alternatively, your partner calls, but in a hurry, looking at the time and trying to quickly finish the conversation. Or clearly does not listen, hovering mentally somewhere, reluctant to talk about the day and not interested in your affairs. These changes in communication are clearly negative.

3. No trust

Of course, you can and should ask how you are and what's new. But if the questions are repeated, become intrusive, if your partner does not just ask what happened today, and tries to control all your steps and actions, it is likely to be banal jealousy.

You are simply not trusted, trying to see if there are "competitors" around. Every meeting with friends, lunch with co-workers cause a keen interest in your partner who can't be around.

Being in touch round the clock is impossible, there must be space for the personal. Call in the morning, afternoon, evening, a request to send a photo of you and your friends in a bar - all this may not be the usual interest of a loving person, but an attempt to total control and jealousy, which spoiled more than one long-distance relationship.

4. No joint plans

You used to discuss when you would finally see each other in person, making plans for a future summer holiday just the two of you, for the future. Now there are no such conversations. Your partner doesn't even bring up the topic of your return or your trip to see him, doesn't offer to meet somewhere neutral to have a date in person. Lack of development, lack of desire to change something to be near, to move in together is a sign that the relationship is not serious.

Or there are times when a joint plan has been made, discussed, but neither party has taken steps to implement it. It is as if a trip was planned, but something keeps getting in the way. And the couple postpones their plan once, then another time... As a result, the relationship not only does not develop, it becomes more and more elusive and takes a back seat.

5. Interested in other potential partners

Have not seen your partner for months, and suddenly you notice that a colleague from the neighbouring department has surprisingly beautiful grey eyes. Or you look behind a handsome young man. Or you wonder how good a date you could have had with the blonde you know.

You may accidentally and briefly become infatuated with someone, even in a relationship that is not complicated by separation. However, the transition to the "active search" phase, when thoughts of dating someone else arise constantly, is a clear sign that the long-distance relationship has most likely failed.

Do not assume that the reason for the deterioration of the relationship was solely the separation. It is not a fact that if your partner had been around all the time, this would not have happened. Most likely, the separation only exacerbated and highlighted the problems that already existed.

For many people, long-distance relationships are contraindicated at all; tactile, sexual intimacy is extremely important to them. Such couples, after some time apart, either decide to make drastic changes, including moving to another country, or break up in order to build a relationship with someone who is close by.

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