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Long Distance Couple Lamp To Customize
Long Distance Couple Lamp with Multiple Hearts
Long Distance Cube Lamp with Geometric Rectangles


Long Distance Cube Lamp with Geometric Rectangles


Soon, here will be a description of this lamp..

Long Distance Cube Lamp with Mandala
Long Distance Lamp Angel and Hearts
Long Distance Lamp Cracked Wooden Frame
Long Distance Lamp Day and Night
Long Distance Lamp Mandala Circles
Long Distance Lamp Mandala for Yoga
Long Distance Lamp Steampunk Style
Long Distance Lamp Tree and Clouds
Long Distance Lamp Vacation
Long distance Lamp Window Shaped
Long Distance Lamp with Bamboo
Long Distance Lamp with Cactus
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Buy a long distance gift for wife if you need to spend time away from her! Maybe, you leave her because of work. Maybe she goes abroad to see her relatives. A wifi lamp for wife will help you to always stay in touch.

How Does a Long Distance Lamp for Wife Work

You buy one touch lamp for wife and the other one for yourself.

  1. You touch your lamp and it lights up.
  2. Your wife's lamp lights up simultaneously!
  3. Change the light color. The palette of a lamp contains hundreds of shades.
  4. Choose the light mode: smooth, fade, strobe or flash.
  5. Configure brightness, using a remote control.
  6. Do not turn the lamp off manually. In a while, it will switch off automatically.

We can deliver distanced gift for long distance wife to any country in the world. You can buy a ready-made item or order a custom one. We will be glad to create exclusive lamps for you and your beloved person.