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Long Distance Couple Lamp with Multiple Hearts
Long Distance Cube Lamp with Geometric Rectangles


Long Distance Cube Lamp with Geometric Rectangles


Soon, here will be a description of this lamp..

Long Distance Cube Lamp with Mandala
Long Distance Lamp Angel and Hearts
Long Distance Lamp Cracked Wooden Frame
Long Distance Lamp Day and Night
Long Distance Lamp Mandala Circles
Long Distance Lamp Mandala for Yoga
Long Distance Lamp Steampunk Style
Long Distance Lamp Tree and Clouds
Long Distance Lamp Vacation
Long distance Lamp Window Shaped
Long Distance Lamp with Bamboo
Long Distance Lamp with Cactus
Long Distance Lamp with Chain
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A touch LED lamp is an ideal long distance gift for brother. It looks beautiful and it will nicely fit an interior of any style. It is lightweight and it occupies minimum space. It will also come in handy as a long distance birthday gift for brother in law, mother, best friend or any other person who is dear to you.

How to Use a Long Distance Lamp for Brother

This gift for long distance brother needs electricity and Wi-Fi. You should connect it in a network with your touch lamp. When you tap your lamp, your brother's item will light up simultaneously! In a while, it will switch off automatically.

The following parameters of the lamp are adjustable:

  • Color
  • Brightness
  • Mode

Our catalog contains lamps of dozens of creative designs. Plus, you can order a custom design. We ship our products worldwide by regular mail. You will get your gift in 1-2 weeks.